Nasty Fully Tubbed, Street Legal 6B Mazda RX4 Hits the Dyno! Naturally Aspirated!

When it comes time to see how the fruits of your labor are going to pan out, the dyno ...

When it comes time to see how the fruits of your labor are going to pan out, the dyno can be a machine that gives you a pretty good idea of how well you did. While the majority of folks will agree that performance in the real world, on the race track, is a better indicator, this is most certainly an awesome start!

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This time, the subject of discussion is a car that you might not see that often in the Mazda RX-4. In this one, we watch in on the old-school rotary powered machine as the 6B heads the rollers and does its best to lay down the biggest numbers possible and the results were rather impressive.

Without as much as a single power adder, no nitrous or boost in sight, this rotary manages to squeeze out quite an impressive number, cranking out 813 hp to the tires that’s accompanied by 560 pound-feet of torque. Head down to the video below and bear witness as this rotary-powered beast lays down some awesome numbers!


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