Nasty Nitrous 908CI Reher Morrison Powered Chevelle!

There’s so much that should be wrong in this video, but things just happen to work ...

There’s so much that should be wrong in this video, but things just happen to work out just right for this sinister black Chevelle. The first thing I couldn’t help but notice is that the car, a huge and likely heavy chuck of vintage Detroit iron, is on small tires. They aren’t radials, but instead appear to be a true 10.5” wide tire, which qualifies as a small tire by any definition. When you put that much car on that small a tire, it’s usually a recipe for disaster.

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Then there’s the engine. There’s nothing wrong with the 908 cubic inch Reher-Morrison powerplant, and THAT is part of the problem for the car. Again referencing the tires, trying to hook a tire this small with nearly 1,000 cubic inches of nitrous-fed engine sending the power rearward is, again, rarely a recipe for success.

Then there’s the track. It would be one thing trying to find traction with 900+ cubic inches of small tire under this land yacht of a Chevelle on a prepped track, but you guessed it, this is a no prep event at Cordova Dragway. All three of these factors together surely mean this car is going to blow the tires off and hand the win to the much tamer Nova in the other lane, right?

Well that’s the reason we don’t race on paper, ladies and gentlemen. With all of those factors stacked against this car, it still manages to make a pretty decent pass, keeping those tiny slicks pretty well planted for the entire 1/8th mile trip. This just goes to show that a solid car with a crew that knows what the car likes and what the track has to offer can offset the factors working against them and make a great pass even when it seems highly unlikely to work out that way.

Go ahead and hit that play button and check out the pass this heavy Chevy lays down and let us know what you think about it. Is it the quickest pass ever? No way! But it’s good enough to get the win and that’s all that matters last time we checked!

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