Nasty Turbo LSX Honda S2000 Spitting Fire And Roasting Tires!

While I’ve somewhat fallen out of touch with the LS world over the past few years ...

While I’ve somewhat fallen out of touch with the LS world over the past few years since I’ve had zero time or money to spend on my car, I will always be on Team LS. GM’s fourth generation of the venerable small block has become the undisputed engine swap champ, landing in quite literally anything you can think of. While this is great for proponents of the platform, it also makes it hard to find really unique swaps anymore, although some of them are rarer than others.

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This particular project is not quite so common, and this is one of the more extreme iterations of an LS swapped Honda S2000 we’ve ever seen. As you can see right off the bat, the powerplant, which isn’t particularly large, is really wedged between the fenders of the diminutive Japanese coupe. Part of the problem with the fitment is the massive turbo, which requires equally-imposing tubing to feed the intake with pressurized air, all of which takes up precious space under the Honda’s hood.

Of course, when you’re talking about a car that weighed just 2,800 pounds in stock form and that has likely had some weight reduction, a boosted LS that’s almost certainly cranking out well over 1,000 pounds means you’re looking at a killer power:weight ratio that should make this car insanely quick on the drag strip, assuming the car is able to find better traction there than it does on the two launches on the street shown in this video.

Of course, the star of this video is the insane 2-step fireballs this combo spits out while building boost on the button. Compressing a ton of scientific into into far too few words, a 2-step alternates the firing of the cylinders, which loads them up with unburned fuel. When they fire, the extra fuel pulses the exhaust and causes the engine to build boost without being under a load, which is a huge part of getting a turbo car to launch hard. The coolest side effect is the massive fireballs that come along with the 2-step, which you can see in the clip as well.

2step Tuesday

Posted by Carlos Rios on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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