Naturally Aspirated Corvette Is Sill A Heavy Hitter At No Mercy 9

In this world of drag racing that we’re immersed in, it seems like we have have ...

In this world of drag racing that we’re immersed in, it seems like we have have the nitrous camp and the boost camp going head-to-head with one another, it’s honestly pretty rare to find a naturally aspirated build of this quality that can compete with those who have power adders. It really seems like before long, lots of folks are getting frustrated with the power woes of a naturally aspirated setup and getting rid of it in favor of adding a power adder to spice things up just a little bit. However, that isn’t to say that a well put together N/A setup isn’t something that you can gush over. When done right, some of these combinations with no sort of forced induction are just what the doctor ordered.

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In this scene from No Mercy 9, we catch up with cameraman JMalcom2004 as he captured a Chevrolet Corvette powered by 418 cubes of LS power, enough to blast this thing into contention as it squats down hard and absolutely rockets off the line, following through on the big end with an impressive pass or two. If you were paying very close attention, and happened to be only looking at how hard this thing is rolling off of the line, one might almost be inclined to think that there’s a little bit of spray somewhere onboard even though that we’re sure there isn’t any of that stuff in sight.

Follow along with all of the action below as Malcom does his best to put us in the best seat in the house, showcasing the Chevrolet Corvette as it really makes magic happen out there on the track, throwing down with the best of them! After checking this one out, you might just be having second thoughts about those power adders after all. This thing looks like enough to pin you to the seat and have you wanting more!

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