NEVER GIVE UP – 3000hp Twin Turbo Mustang comeback (original footage)

Dennis Bailey has found himself the star of a viral video more than once, something ...

Dennis Bailey has found himself the star of a viral video more than once, something very few people can claim. One of Bailey’s viral sensations featured this very Mustang taking flight and landing on the wrong side of the retaining wall, resulting in a devastating crash. The first time Dennis set the internet on fire, though, was a much more positive experience.

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Back when small tire racing was beginning to really hit its stride as far as growth and popularity, there were some insane things going on. We didn’t quite understand all there was to know about making a car work on 315 drag radials or even 10.5” wide slicks, so drivers and tuners and chassis builders were learning as they went, basically like any form of motorsports that’s evolved over the years.

One thing that took some time to work out was keeping the nose down on a lot of these cars. With massive amounts of horsepower, especially with twin turbo setup’s like Bailey’s where the power comes in down track, these radial-tired cars don’t have the same “controlled slip” that a slick does. With the radials really digging hard into the track’s surface, despite briefly breaking loose early in this particular run, the power coming in hard downtrack would often find cars like Bailey’s powering into wheelstands closer to the finish line than the starting line, where they’re more commonly expected.

Combine that with the fact that the opponent in the near lane just happens to be dealing with an electrical issue that caused his car to shut off just as the boost began to peak, and you have the making for one of the most epic comebacks in all of sports, not just drag racing or motorsports.

I can’t really put it into words, as much as I would love to be able to, so I’m just going to suggest you hit play on the video below and crank the volume to 11 and watch it for yourself!


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