Never Good To See This! Street Outlaws The Bank Note Smacks The Wall!

When it comes to racing in between those concrete walls, pretty much anything can ...

When it comes to racing in between those concrete walls, pretty much anything can happen at any time. You never know what exactly is going to unfold and this is why different safety precautions are put in place so that should a worst-case scenario come about, the chance that the driver makes it out without injury is truly heightened. This time, we check out just that unfortunate situation that shows off a race between the Bank Note and the Black Bird Vega that was shaping up to be a pretty good one but as things would not fall into place properly, it would end up going awry in a hurry.

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It’s pretty intense to watch as the Bank Note rockets off of the line, showing that it can really flex its muscles but before long, it looks like the car simply moves out of the sticky section of the track that is prepared to handle the power as it shuffles toward the side and ends up simply losing traction, as it would appear. Before long, the man behind the wheel would find himself struggling to keep the car in straight line as it swerves sideways and plows straight into the wall. It’s something that we never like to see heppen, but thankfully the driver was alright.

Since the time that this accident occurred, the car has been seen out and racing once again and this video will simply serve as a reminder of the headache that they had to deal with when everything just seemed to go wrong that day. When you go through or see something like this happen, it can really put things into perspective of how bad things can go in a hurry and how lucky these guys ended up getting when the damage wasn’t enough to deter them for long.

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