Never Seen Behind The Big Crash – Big Chief And The Crow

The situation surrounding a wreck is always somber, but in this particular wreck, the ...

The situation surrounding a wreck is always somber, but in this particular wreck, the grey cloud looming was even larger than normal as everyone on scene couldn’t help but wonder if Big Chief was going to make it out alive.

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Since then, the Crowmod has arisen and Big Chief has strongly found his way back to the driver’s seat, but this time, we take a moment to see what the situation was like around this life-changing event.

When we take a look at the actual wreck that took out the Crow, we can feel the tension that’s in the air as the car begins rolling and the relief that comes when we learn that Chief is still alive.

Check out the scenario in the video below that shows us the race gone wrong. We can’t help but be happy that Chief would be able to get back behind the wheel again, but this is most definitely a feeling that we don’t want to have to witness again anytime soon.

Worst wrecks I've ever seen

Posted by Tc Campos on Monday, May 30, 2016

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