New Ford Recall Has This Guy Very Angry! The Steering Wheel Might Fall Off?

Every once in a while, recalls do happen. Even with all the manufacturing development ...

Every once in a while, recalls do happen. Even with all the manufacturing development that we’ve seen these days and how easily it seems like different automakers put cars together as part after part gets added on the assembly line and they come out with a consistent product every time, every once in a blue moon, something will happen to a batch of the cars that need to be called back into the dealership and from there, they will take control again, fixing the car however it needs to be fixed in order to correct a major flaw or make the vehicle safe once again.

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According to Vic DiBitetto AKA “Ticked off Vic,” a YouTube comedian who seems to be annoyed at absolutely everything, one of the most recent recalls that has come to his attention is the fact that Ford is calling some cars back for the steering wheels not being attached. As you can probably imagine, when a comedian grabs wind of information like this, it’s about to be game over! There’s no way that Ford is making their way out of this one without a nice little roast job because, let’s face it, fastening the steering wheel is probably the one thing that you shouldn’t mess up.

If you follow along down the video below, you can follow the rundown of the whole steering wheel situation and a hilarious reaction to exactly what Vic makes of the whole ordeal. Let’s just say that he’s a little bit upset at Ford for not being able to attach one of the most essential components of a vehicle. Just imagine rolling down the highway, when all of a sudden, your steering wheel ends up in your lap. Even though it seems like kind of a wacky thing to happen, at least Ford is taking the measures necessary to correct the issue.

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