New Japanese Drive-Thru Funeral Service Allows Condolences Without Leaving your Car

Across the world, all sorts of different people have different cultures and that is ...

Across the world, all sorts of different people have different cultures and that is something to definitely be respected. Just because you can’t grasp something that doesn’t really make sense to you doesn’t necessarily mean that people in another culture will think the same way, however, through the glasses of an American, I really have to say that this Japanese trend that we have stumbled across looks to be incredibly haywire. No matter what how you shape it, I’m not really sure that I can bring my mind to wrap itself around something like this and I think that most of my American counterparts are probably thinking about the same.

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In this demonstration, we don’t exactly get much of the English language to understand how everything is being explained but what we do get is the actions themselves and how exactly all this works as we watch a collection of people who are utilizing a drive-thru funeral service to leave their condolences and potentially a little bit of money for final expenses, all without getting out of their car. Nothing says that “I love you” and “I’m going to miss you” like not even being able to muster up enough effort to walk from the back of parking lot to go to a funeral service. Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of available space in Japan but I still don’t know if I’m buying it.

If you’re ready to be completely weirded out, as an American, be sure to click the video below to see exactly what a drive-thru funeral service looks like. Here in America, at least, funerals seem to be an incredibly somber and well planned out affair as to respect the life of the loved one lost. Perhaps, these customs don’t necessarily apply across the world as this kind of the situation might be looked at in a very different light there┬áthan it is here.

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