NEW Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII: Built For Billionaires

It’s hardly a secret that Rolls-Royce builds some of, if not the most elegant and ...

It’s hardly a secret that Rolls-Royce builds some of, if not the most elegant and luxurious cars on the planet, so when we say they have stepped up their game, we suspect people are going to take note. Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has been raised.

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With the eighth generation of the iconic Phantom model, Rolls-Royce, under the brand’s new owner BMW, has built a car that transcends luxury, combining a hyper-plush interior with a striking exterior and an overall driving experience that is absolutely world class for both driver and passenger. Driving experience is a factor that, in the past, would have been less of a focus for the British automaker, but with more of their customers buying the cars to drive themselves as opposed to being driven, they company put more emphasis on the driver when overhauling the Phantom VII to provide a great feel for the individual at the helm, whether it be the owner or his hired wheelman.

Of course, the Phantom experience has always been something of an exercise in isolation, not necessarily from those outside the car, but from the noise and distraction of the outside world. The company prides itself on a quiet ride, and has managed to improve upon the nearly silent VII cabin, thanks to a lighter chassis that allows more sound deadening material and a custom built tire from Continental.

The car also features a new all-wheel steering system that helps make the massive car feel more nimble while aiding in tight maneuvering as well. The Phantom VIII also boasts some subtle but striking exterior changes that give the car a decidedly strong look without making it garish or ungainly. Instead, as mentioned in the video, the car simply rolls into view and commands attention, a perfect presence for one of the most luxurious cars ever built.

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