New Teslas are on the Cutting Edge of Tech, but How Good Are they in a Crash?

When it comes time to get your hands on the a car, there are tons of factors that you ...

When it comes time to get your hands on the a car, there are tons of factors that you can consider when you go to shell out your hard-earned money in order to put a new method of transportation in your driveway. To some, some of these metrics might just rank higher than others as we all have our own personal preferences as to what we should expect when heading to the dealership go purchase a new car. However, across many of these metrics, there is pretty much a bare minimum that most of us expect to be applicable for the new car market.

One of these metrics that seems to have a pretty high floor is that of safety. With the way that companies have focused on and developed safety measures, there’s a pretty high expectation set on the safety standards that go into each car before it’s allowed to roll off of the assembly line and the consumer is able to get their hands on it. With that in mind, pretty much every car that is able to be tagged and registered has to go through quite a rigorous testing in order to make sure that it will be able to hang with a whole variety of different accidents whether it from the front, from the side, or somewhere in between.

When we say that no car is excluded from these tests, we really mean it. Even if you’re on the cutting edge of technology in a Tesla Model S, you’re still required to go through quite the rigorous process to sell your cars to consumers for road use. Just because a car might have incredible curb appeal doesn’t necessarily mean that you would prefer it should you get caught in an accident. This time, we check out a car that is on the cutting edge of technology to see exactly how it does when it comes to the basics. How well will the Tesla hang with the safety testing? Well, if you follow along with the video below, you might just find out!

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