New Year and Another Crash at the 11foot8 Bridge

New Year and Another Crash at the 11foot8 BridgeTake home this 750hp ddr concepts ...

New Year and Another Crash at the 11foot8 Bridge

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With the number of crashes that go down at the infamous 11foot8 bridge, you would think that it would be altered or pointed out better by signs at this point.

Instead, trucks continue to plow into it, losing their load and sometimes doing hardcore damage to the truck itself as part of it comes to a sudden stop.

This time, we witness yet another wreck as the year rolls around to 2016 and folks are still plowing into the bridge at full force, not noticing until it’s too late!

Check out the video below as this truck’s roof gets peeled back like a can of tuna. How do you think that this madness should be made to come to an end?

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