News Reporter Loses His Mind On Live Air, Jumps On Classics Cars At Auto Show.

As automotive enthusiasts, there are certain things that bother us that most other ...

As automotive enthusiasts, there are certain things that bother us that most other people probably wouldn’t notice. For example, if someone were to even lean on one of our machines, there’s a chance that we might not take it too well. For those who aren’t sure what protocol is, we would recommend not even touching any car out there.

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However, there is certainly a difference between an honest mistake and being completely oblivious to the world. For one reporter on Good Day Sacramento, it turns out that he was just that brand of oblivious. We try to give most folks the benefit of the doubt but it’s seriously hard to do in a situation like this.

The scene is set at a classic car section at the Sacramento International Auto Show. Sometimes, auto shows will bring in cars like this to treat the audience to a little bit more bang for their buck. In turn, it will bring in more eyes to be drawn to the new cars that are being advertised upstairs.

When attempting to showcase these cars, just about everything goes wrong. We couldn’t help but cringe as the on-scene correspondent, Angel Cardenas, would immediately lay on a car. It made matters even worse as he kicked his feet up. That’s where it has to end, though, right? Well, not exactly.

From there, Cardenas proceeds to hop in another car. Now, if he had permission, this wouldn’t be the end of the world. However, when he gets in the car, it proceeds to stoutly bang another car’s door. Finally, the crew is making their way out of the classic car section so this has to be it. We hate to disappoint you but that’s not the end of the tirade. In fact, it only gets worse as Cardenas jumps on the hood of one of the most prominent display vehicles in Ford’s booth!

Following the incident, Cardenas would be fired. After openly bragging about breaking the rules by saying things like “I feel like a kid in a candy store without the owners because you can do anything,” the choice was probably all too easy. We get a feeling that the owners won’t be too happy when they see the broadcast there, Angel.

After terminating Cardenas, the station issued their sincerest apologies.

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