News Station Tries Car Wash “Honesty Test,” Leaves Cash on Seat

Sometimes, when it comes to certain industries or business types, stereotypes begin ...

Sometimes, when it comes to certain industries or business types, stereotypes begin to arise in relation to what you can expect for them. For example, one of these stereotypes might surround the car wash industry by saying that if you want something to stay in your possession then you had better not leave it out inside of your car when you have somebody cleaning out the interior.

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It’s kind of unfortunate that this situation exists because we’re sure that it’s not across the board that these kind things happen but with a hidden camera, this time, we check in to see just how common something like that might be.

In order to test out the theory that people behind car washes like to go through your personal belongings, this news crew decided to put a dummy vehicle through car wash and left a couple of items that might be of value to somebody else within the car in plain sight. Some of these items would include a $20 bill, a bottle for prescription painkillers filled with antacids, and even something as simple as a pack of cigarettes. As it would turn out, some of the car wash employees were a lot more dishonest than others as they would go through absolutely everything, even going so far as opening up different compartments to see what else they can find beyond what was left in broad daylight.

If you follow along with the video below, you might be a little bit disgusted by some of the folks pictured in this demonstration but on the other hand, some people go above and beyond, to try and give people their money back and be completely honest as they possibly can be.  We have to commend the people who didn’t choose the snatch up the things that they found because they very easily could have taken them and nobody would’ve ever known any different if it weren’t for the cameras rolling.

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