NHL Star, Reilly Smith, Takes us for a Ride in the Team Lambo

Sometimes, when considering a job, one has to not only consider the pay and the ...

Sometimes, when considering a job, one has to not only consider the pay and the situation but also the perks. Every once in a while, there’s someone who’s pretty lucky and ends up in a job with lots of great perks. This might be anything from a rental car to a place to stay. Another perk to a job could potentially be thousands of fans who end up screaming your name. You never know! For Las Vegas Golden Knights right winger and captain, Reilly Smith, it’s all wrapped up in the job description.

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Sure, the Golden Knights might be a fairly new team to the NHL. However, they certainly do seem to have been picking up a pretty big head of steam. After all, Las Vegas has been begging for a couple of major sports teams for some time now. The Oakland Raiders also seem to have their future cemented in the desert of Las Vegas but that’s kind of a sore subject so we’ll leave it for now.

In this one, though, we get to take a unique ride with a professional hockey player and an awesome ride. This is just a small peek into the life of Smith but it shows off what an average day might look like. In our heads, we tend to think that these guys are out there scoring goals and winning games in overtime every single day. However, they just so happen to have a regular grind just like everybody else. In fact, the grind is probably a touch more intense than most of our daily routines.

There’s definitely an interest factor in the simplicity of this one as we get the ride along with the exotic provided for the team by Lamborghini Las Vegas. Bringing it around full circle, this is yet another one of the perks for the players on the team. As were told, the car gets passed around and each member of them gets to enjoy it for a little while before handing off the keys to the next lucky driver.


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