Nissan GT-R Gets Fully Airborne Then Crashes on Backroad!

There are two types of drivers: those who can handle big horsepower and those who ...

There are two types of drivers: those who can handle big horsepower and those who can’t. In the short video below, we’ve found one who can’t, and it makes for some completely cringe-worthy video.

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Our video car appears to be a GT-R out for a leisurely cruise when the driver makes a pass to overtake a pickup truck and continues to accelerate down the road. As he passes a sign indicating there is a roundabout ahead, the driver rolls out of the throttle as he tops a small rise in the road. At the same time, another GT-R blasts around him, catching big air over the rise as he realized the roundabout was just on the other side of the hill. Both drivers brake hard for the traffic circle but only one of them is able to slow enough to navigate the roundabout.

The other car that caught big air over the hill wasn’t able to get back into the right lane, sliding instead off the road to the left and flying through the intersection and out into the field beyond. The driver of the camera car has some less-than-encouraging words about the driver of the now-offroading GT-R, though he says in the description that he did decide to stop and check on the other guy, who was thankfully uninjured during his unexpected excursion.

Both of these drivers were lucky, as they both broke the law, though one was clearly more reckless than the other. Hopefully the damage to the car that hit the hayfield wasn’t too bad and the driver was able to repair it, hopefully a little wiser and safer when he returned to the roadway. The last thing any of us want is to see a fellow enthusiast is for them to make a mistake like this and not learn from his mistake.

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