Nitro Circus Has To Stunt Everything… Including A Bobcat

With a group like the Nitro Circus, there is certainly a lot to love. With the ...

With a group like the Nitro Circus, there is certainly a lot to love. With the personalities that seem to draw you in and then the physical ability that keeps you hanging around, it yields a bunch of people who are just simply a lot of fun to watch. One of the things that we particularly enjoy watching when it comes to the crew is that they’re always trying to up the ante and try something new, perhaps breaking out the creativity to a level with which we have to admit is some top tier stuff in the world of action sports and can sometimes get a bit crazy as these guys put life and limb on the line to entertain the masses.

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This time, we check out something that isn’t necessarily very risky but it does require a lot of focus along with concentration and ends up being a ton of fun to watch. No, we aren’t checking out Travis Pastrana ripping a double backflip on a motorcycle or setting a jump distance record or anything like that but instead, we see what happens when the crew gets their hands on a Bobcat, a piece of heavy equipment that’s used for grading ground or digging holes. The result is something that you have got to watch as they attempt to even turn this unlikely candidate into a stunt facilitator.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to dial yourself into this action that you never saw coming, watching as the small piece of heavy equipment is wheeled around on the front wheels alone, leaving the operator to carefully control it so that it doesn’t tip over either forwards or backward¬†while it zips around in every direction and the machine quite literally hangs in the balance.

Maybe this is why some construction projects take forever to get done.

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