Nitrous Mustang Goes For A Wild Ride

There are some race tracks that are known for always providing plenty of traction. If ...

There are some race tracks that are known for always providing plenty of traction. If a facility earned a nickname like “House of Hook”, chances are pretty good that on any given day, there is a good chance you’ll have find there’s more than enough bite on tap.

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Justin from the JMalcom2004 channel made the trip to Carolina Dragway, the track that earned the best nickname in all of drag racing facilities, where he caught up with this nitrous-powered Mustang doing House of Hook things that really prove the track has earned the moniker.

After heating up the tires with a nice smoky burnout, the ‘Stang backs up and purges the nitrous to get the bottle pressure just right, an essential part of nitrous racer’s routine. After making sure the pressure is exactly where it needs to be, the driver drops the car into gear and pulls to the line. Bumping ever so carefully into the stage beams on the super-sticky starting line, the driver eases the car forward, lighting first the pre-stages light, then the staged light.

A split second later, the tree drops and the driver unleashes all of the nitrous-fed horsepower. The rear tires bite hard into the Carolina Dragway surface and send the nose high into the air. The driver does all the right things, patting the gas a couple of times to coax the nose back to earth without slamming down too hard, but even so, something under the bottom of the car digs into the concrete, leaving visible scrapes in the track surface.

The driver crossed over into the other lane, which thankfully was unoccupied at the time. He goes ahead and does the courteous thing and pull off of the track, just in case the impact with the track cracked the oil pan and caused a leak.

Traction is key in any drag race, but sometimes too much is just that: too much!


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