Now That is a Wild Rig… Tow truck with a Ten Inch Lift Kit Tows a MONSTER Denali HD Truck

While most people will focus on their race car, mud truck, or showpiece of a vehicle, ...

While most people will focus on their race car, mud truck, or showpiece of a vehicle, some people take it an extra step beyond modifying their toy and include the tow rig pulling that toy in their customization process to bring everything together as one big shining package.Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.13.55 AM

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This time, we check out a builder who simply went all out, customizing not only an impressive truck but also lifting their towing machine 10 inches of into the air so that it could sport some 26″ wheels along with some 40″ tires. Some pretty close attention to detail was put into place in order to make sure that every aspect of this combination was on par to impress.

Check out the video below that highlights this show truck combination that is bound to leave some jaws on the floor. It looks almost like no expense was spared in making sure that every part was in the right place with this contraption that most certainly is ready to stop the show.


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