Now That Was an Insane Finish, The Red Wagon Almost Crashes!

One of the things about a no prep race that you can never really put your finger on ...

One of the things about a no prep race that you can never really put your finger on is exactly how in control drivers are going to be. Because of the lack of track preparation, getting all that power to the ground can really be a tough time. After drivers have begun to make their way down the track, should they find a lack of traction, up next comes the decision of whether or not they’re going to stay in it and if they see that guy in the next lane over losing traction, if they’re going to try and keep in it to win it, risking the idea that the other driver may come over into their lane and initiate an accident or if they’re going to let out of it and be safer in the long run. This is why we love watching no prep races!

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This time, we check in at the Winter Meltdown as a couple of insane cars end up going toe-to-toe on a completely scraped surface that will prove to be a struggle for both of the drivers. As the race would go on, we would see how this lack of traction would seem to play a big role in the excitement factor that went along with this one as the Red Wagon would get out of control, skidding all over the tracking as Andy Reynolds would try to bring his car back to a controllable state where he could maintain position and stay out of the wall, meanwhile, next lane over, White Rice also began to have a little bit of a traction issue of his very own as the car began to kick out from under him.

If you follow along in the video below brought to us by NXGonzo, you’ll be able to see exactly how it all unfolded and how both of these drivers attempted to maintain their composure as to not cause big-time damage. When you start losing control like that, it might sound simple enough to let off of the throttle to try and keep yourself together, however, as things are unfolding in the heat of the moment, that’s probably a lot easier said than done so hats off to these guys for putting together a heck of a race.

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