Nuclear Missile Gets Rear Ended!

Talk about the mother of all “right place, right time” scenarios! The ...

Talk about the mother of all “right place, right time” scenarios! The luck of this guy just happening to grab his phone to record this video just as this convoy passes, only to catch a minor mishap with major possible implications right there in the road where he’s videoing.

The convoy is transporting a nuclear warhead, though we can’t help but assume there is little to no danger as it’s transported. We aren’t nuclear weapons experts by any means, but it seems logical to assume they have to be armed before there’s a risk of detonation, but things can and do go wrong in the strangest of ways. Lack of knowledge on the cargo notwithstanding, we can’t get over the impeccable timing, especially considering there’s a US Marshall telling the guy he can’t video the scene just as the convoy rolls into view.

The guy argues that he is allowed to video the convoy, a right that is clearly defined by the first amendment, so he continues to do so despite the warning from the Marshall. And this is great for us because just seconds later, one of the trucks flanking the semi hauling the nuclear missile is unable to slow quickly enough and gives the back of the trailer a tap. Luckily everybody within a mile escaped vaporization and the convoy proceeded along the route, but we have to assume the driver of the trailing truck got an ass chewing of monumental proportions for his little love tap.

While we are certainly glad to have our military defending our freedoms every day around the world, this is not exactly their finest moment. However, all is well that ends well and this serves as nothing more than a little comic relief. Hopefully there are no more incidents like this, though, so we don’t risk blowing a city off the map due to a little driver inattention.

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