NYPD Undercover Police Taxi Responding Lights and Siren

If ever you wanted to blend in within the city of New York, I think that most people ...

If ever you wanted to blend in within the city of New York, I think that most people agree that getting yourself inside of a yellow cab would probably be a good way to do that. Even in an age where social media apps like Uber are taking over the traveling means in these big cities, there are still plenty of yellow cabs to go around. If you take one look down any street in the Big Apple, you’ll see dozens of them and within seconds, with one wave of your arm, you can get one to pull over to give you a lift to wherever it is that you’re going but not this particular cab.

It was unbeknownst to many until now that the NYPD actually has some nifty ways of going undercover amongst the droves of people that are every which way that you look in the city. This time, we check out a taxi cab that has been dressed up with all the bells and whistles that you might expect to see in a police car from the sirens to the lights and everything in between. However, the one thing that it doesn’t share with the regular police car would be the appearance and that’s exactly how they like it.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see how exactly the New York Police Department has decided that they want to go undercover. After seeing something like this, you might just be suspicious of every single taxi cab that you see roll down the street from now on. You never know when one of these machines that blends in, in broad daylight, will sneak up on you and show you its true colors as an officer works behind the wheel. Be sure to tell us what you think of this camouflage and if you can think of any other better ways to make a police car blend in within any big city.

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