Odd Chinese Commercial Shows off Volkswagen Hover Car

Odd Chinese Commercial Shows off Volkswagen Hover Carpre-entries are now live for ...

Odd Chinese Commercial Shows off Volkswagen Hover Car

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To put it lightly, we’ve seen some… odd things come out of China. We won’t get into all of our experiences, but what we are getting into is a Chinese commercial that isn’t your run of the mill car spot.

This time, we watch the commercial that features a futuristic looking Volkswagen hovercar that appears to be something right out of a movie (we’re assuming that’s what they were going for).

While we don’t have an in-house translator to tell us exactly what’s going on, we have gathered that the initiative here is to spread the word an open source project hosted by VW China, allowing the customer to contribute to their ideal car.

Check out the video below to check out the advertisement for “The Peoples’ Car Project” and tell us what you think of this innovative idea.

Watch this VW Bug take off thanks to two rockets.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.41.29 AM

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