Off-Roading a Ferrari On A Hillside, A Fun Way To Blow A Small Fortune

Sometimes, when you see certain displays on the internet, you have to wonder what the ...

Sometimes, when you see certain displays on the internet, you have to wonder what the incentive is behind such an undertaking. This time, it might be a little bit more confusing than most as there seems to be no clear reason as to why someone would take a high end car like this exotic, that appears to be a Ferrari FF, and beat the life out of it. Some might say that they’re simply doing it for views but no amount of realistic YouTube views could justify the cost of the car here monetarily. Maybe it’s the attention alone that’s worth it. Others might even argue that it was done just for the heck of it which seems like a likely solution but no matter what the reason behind such an undertaking is, it’s certainly is fun to watch.

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While many who choose to keep a Ferrari in their own personal garage will put the car up on a pedestal, even going so far as to have it in a climate controlled area and maybe only take it to the streets when there’s absolutely no realistic chance of any rain falling from the sky. However, with what we see here, someone gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari and has the polar opposite mindset as he actually puts this thing through its paces on a grassy hill. It honestly kind of looks like he’s lucky that the car didn’t get rolled over.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check out the video that has this supercar being put in a situation that would have the purists’ stomachs completely upside down. When you hear about something like this, there’s absolutely no way that you can pass it by without taking at least a quick look. This is definitely a display that is unlike very many that you’ve ever seen before.

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