Off-Roading a McLaren 570 GT? These Guys Are Nuts!

Well… if you’ve ever wondered if you can take your McLaren 570 GT offroading, we can ...

Well… if you’ve ever wondered if you can take your McLaren 570 GT offroading, we can definitively answer that question for you. Because, you know, it’s a valid question that hangs over the McLaren owners group message boards and Facebook groups.

The guys over at GNARPM decided they wanted to go test whether or not you can have a legitimate sports car as a daily driver and still be able to do everything you might do if you had a more practical “daily driver” type ride. To answer this question, they secured a pair of 570 GT’s from McLaren of Beverly Hills and packed them to the gills with camping gear before trekking miles into the desert to camp out for the evening.

Before we get into the drive to Lone Pine, let’s take a look back at that whole packing thing. When McLaren built the 570 GT, we have to assume that cargo capacity was quite a ways down the list of priorities, but when you see the massive piles of gear the guys managed to fit into these cars and still have the passenger seat open for a companion, it’s actually fairly impressive. Well done, McLaren!

With their mountain of gear packed neatly into the 570’s, the guys hit the road. A short while later, the road ended, but not the journey. Miles of dusty dirt road driving later, the cars are caked in dust but handling everything the guys throw at them quite admirably. They reach their destination, set up camp, then take the cars back out for a late night jaunt through the sandy southern California desert.

It’s not something too many, if any, McLaren owners will ever do, but at least they know, if it comes down to it, their car will not only handle a little offroad driving, it will look damn good doing it!

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