Oil Change After Sitting For 50 Years – Ford Model A

Oil Change After Sitting For 50 Years – Ford Model A* * * enter to win this ...

Oil Change After Sitting For 50 Years – Ford Model A

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If you have been feeling guilty about running a couple of miles over the recommended standard for changing your oil, this video will show you how much worse your situation could actually be.

When the uploader of this video pulled the oil pan off of his 1930 Model A, it exposed some oil that had been sitting, stagnant for 50 long years.

As you might have guessed, the end product looks nothing like oil at all, but instead appears as if somebody threw a bunch of mud into the engine. As one YouTube commenter suggests, it looks like the oil is diverting back to a fossil again!

Check out this mucky oil situation in the video below and be sure to tell us your thoughts on this ancient oil! Just think about what would have happened if the new owner would’ve started it like he was originally going to before some clutch guidance from a friend.

After a budget oil change, this consumer’s oil looked like jelly!


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