Old Honda Civic Transformed Into “War Wagon,” We Need One!

One trend that we hope never goes away in the automotive community is taking a ...

One trend that we hope never goes away in the automotive community is taking a vehicle that was designed with one purpose stoutly in mind and swapping out such a purpose, converting it into a machine that is designed for something else entirely. A pretty common example of this is when you consider something like the 80s grocery getters that were designed for picking up the kids and going to church on Sunday that have since been converted to machines that can get down the quarter mile faster than most of the other ones that you’ll find out there on race day.

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This time, we have the opportunity to see something that might have had that economical build in mind but instead went the opposite direction to the off-road machine that it has been designed to be in order to handle all sorts of terrain, giving it an all-new take on functionality entirely as it has become the “War Wagon.” You can probably imagine what such a machine with a name like that looks like. However, the chassis that it was built off of is none other that an oldĀ Honda Civic.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get yourself a taste of the Honda that has just about custom everything from suspension to doors and even the wheels that have been custom-made in order to suit a purpose that really makes this thing a show stopper that you can sink your teeth into. I don’t care what kind of machines that you think you like, you have to admit a transformation like this is pretty darn cool and certainly something that is completely unexpected. Long story short: if we see something like this at a local car show, we’re definitely stopping to check it out.



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