Old School Oil Engine Spits out the Most Satisfying Engine Sound Ever

Even with all of the technological advances in the world of engines these days, there ...

Even with all of the technological advances in the world of engines these days, there is something about the cool factor of an old school machine that just cannot be matched. While it may be dated and there are hundreds of applications today that could do the job more efficiently, an old rig like this just has a sort of crude simplicity that you really can’t help but love. I mean, who doesn’t have a place in their heart for an old school machine like this one?

This time, we check out an engine that does happen to be incredibly old, dating all the way back over a hundred years to the turn of the 20th Century where it was the lifeblood of a community and acted as a source of life for many.

In the year of 1909, this Blackstone oil engine was used to pump water from the source of choice to a garden in order to maintain a healthy crop. However, about a decade or so later, in the 1920s, we are told that in an attempt to sabotage the engine, explosives were used to destroy the cylinder of the 10 hp power plant which would temporarily render it useless.

Whoever was behind all of that destruction apparently didn’t do a good enough job as the engine had been restored and put back to work for many years until it fell into disuse again and would then be deemed a dated powerplant to lay in disrepair for decades.

The current rendition was revived in the 90s and completely redone in 1997. To this day, as far as we know, the engine is still alive and kicking over a century later. When you check something out like this and see the piece is still in working order, it’s incredible to think that this machine is older than pretty much everybody on earth. A cool bonus feature of this relic is the fact that it cranks out a heck of a sound to bump up that cool factor!

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