Old School Toyota Wasn’t About to be Stopped by Rocks!

When it comes to an off-roading machine, there’s a pretty solid formula that I ...

When it comes to an off-roading machine, there’s a pretty solid formula that I think most people in this corner of the world have decided is the best thing that you could possibly do if you’re looking to make your way over any obstacle that stands in your path. With a variety of good platforms to start with in the world of off-roading possibilities, you begin to remove a little bit of weight while adding on a little bit of power, throw some traction into the mix and some components that are able to handle that traction, and you’re good to go. While it might seem like a simple formula, getting it down just right can definitely be quite the hassle.

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This time, however, we check out the Toyota that has definitely managed to master that formula and then some. Not only does this thing seem to be an expert at rock crawling but also, it looks like it has a little something up extra up its sleeve that somehow manages to defy physics. I’m certainly no scientist but I have absolutely never seen something like this before as the Toyota is thrown on its side, bangs its doors on the ground, and does a whole lot of maneuvering as the machine proceeds in the most obscure of ways, however, that certainly doesn’t stop the truck from making its way to its goal at the top of this climb filled with all sorts of rocks of different shapes and sizes that were in the way.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch a sequence that is quite impressive in the world of off-roading. I don’t think that there’s any way that you can make your way out of this video without scratching your head and wondering what just happened, finding the need within you to go back and play it over again to make sure that your eyes aren’t deceiving you.


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