Old Truck Graveyard – Will These Trucks Ever Be Saved?

Old Truck Graveyard – Will These Trucks Ever Be Saved?* * * enter to win this ...

Old Truck Graveyard – Will These Trucks Ever Be Saved?

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Around the country, there are thousands of cars and trucks that are just sitting, awaiting their demise to a pile of rust. The worst part – it doesn’t have to be that way!

This time, we check out a scene that shows us hundreds of examples of classic trucks that we would love to get our hands on and bring back to their former glory once again.

Although these rides were saved from the crusher once upon a time, they’ve been left to sit this time and they aren’t for sale, either.

Check out the rather large collection of trucks in the video below as they sit, idle, waiting for someone to come and save them and restore them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that day will come.

Check out this rare collection of American Muscle in a graveyard in Japan.


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