The Oldest Living Porsche Could be Yours, It’s Going up For Auction!

When trying to figure out what makes a vehicle a collectible, it can really be an ...

When trying to figure out what makes a vehicle a collectible, it can really be an uphill battle. When we find all kinds of cars going across the auction block at various auctions, it’s not always easy to figure out what makes some of them worth so much money. After all, if it were easy to figure out, there would be a lot more people investing in automobiles.

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While we don’t have it 100% pinned down as to what generates value in vehicles, we know one thing that could certainly help. Being the first of a model or even of a generation would never hurt the value of a car. When it comes to something like the Barrett-Jackson auction, we have seen tons of cars generate an insane amount of money. Much of this can come simply because they’re the first of some metric. Just imagine taking that concept and extrapolating it to be the first car ever produced of a certain brand.

Up for bid is the oldest Porsche still in existence. It’s going up for auction at RM Sotheby’s in August.  Sotheby’s tells us that the car, a Type 64 designed by Ferdinand Porsche was built for a 1500-kilometer race between Berlin and Rome. This was all supposed to happen in September 1939.

Of course, as Nazi Germany invaded Poland that same month and the race was cancelled. The Type 64 project was also canned. That only example became property of the German government. Later, the shell was recovered after being wrecked by the managing director of Volkswagen. The skeleton was used to build #03. Naturally, there was a second model built in between but, unfortunately, it had been destroyed in the war.

What is the price for all of this history? It’s believed that the car will fetch north of $20 million. The current record price for a Porsche was set back in 2017 for the 917K used in the Le Mans film. The car sold for $14 million.

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