One Wild Looking Offroad Machine! Glickenhaus SCG Baja Boot Renderings

The SCG Baja Boot may not be the best looking offroad ride you’ve ever seen, but it ...

The SCG Baja Boot may not be the best looking offroad ride you’ve ever seen, but it looks like a hell of a good time just waiting to happen. This thing looks like the homely love child of a failed relationship between a Polaris RZR and a Jeep Wrangler, with somebody throwing out all of the good looking parts of both and keeping the scraps to build this thing.

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But that’s really all the bad I can say about it, because I have to assume it’s gonna be a lot of fun in the sand, mud and dirt. The Baja Boot’s builder, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, says it plans to build one of these to make a 7,000 meter climb up a volcano to set a world altitude record, the perfect publicity stunt to help draw attention to the offroader, which it refers to as a “cross between a Baja Racer and a Paris to Dakar for the Road.”

The Boot is intended to be 100% road legal, though it looks as though it would be much more at home deep in the woods or far out in the desert, bouncing over trees and jumping dunes. The company uses the term “Expedition vehicle” to describe the Baja Boot, which is expected to fall right around the $100,000 mark.

Before you jump to the conclusion that that is too expensive, consider that it will be powered by a V8, ride on 20 inch wheels and will have some creature comforts, including AC. Obviously those features put in a step ahead of the RZR/Wrangler mash-up that it looks like.

This is a new venture for SCG, a company know more for its Ferrari-based supercars and race program. We’re anxious to see how the volcano climb goes, with any kind of world record being a great way to build interest in a vehicle. Whether it will help push the Baja Boot to production remains to be seen, but climbing a 21,000 foot volcano should at least bring some interest to the new ride from the public.

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