Open Headers High School’s Reaction!

Oh, high school, these are the years where everything seems to matter so much and in ...

Oh, high school, these are the years where everything seems to matter so much and in reality, the most important thing that you come across are issues like whose exhaust happens to be loudest. This time, we check out exactly what happens when a couple of high school students head out to the parking lot and do a little bit of a rev off, putting an old-school Chevy up against an old school Ford in a battle that really stretches out the vocal chords of these two trucks and puts them into the test. Which one of these machines will be the loudest and probably provide some bragging rights at least for the rest of that week for these guys if not longer? It’s time to find out!

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With something as simple as a set of open headers, we check out a high schoolers’ reactions to exactly what this Ford truck sounds like when this DIY mechanic simply dropped his exhaust off of the machine to make it roar just a little bit louder. The result really has everybody ready to freak out as it screams incredibly deeply with a screech that has the entire student body standing at attention. That’s certainly one way to assert your dominance as the loudest vehicle in the parking lot!

Check out the video below that might just take you back to your high school years with a simple satisfying competition between these two and a video that they would probably look back on and be able to enjoy years from now. If we were to offer one piece of advice to these young men, it would be to enjoy this while they can because these are going to be some of the most stress-free years that they ever encountered. I think that the majority of adults can agree with that one.

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