Open Turbos Are a Bad Idea… Rag Gets Sucked Into Turbo During Dyno Pull

For those who aren’t very mechanically inclined, something that you should ...

For those who aren’t very mechanically inclined, something that you should probably know is that when anything that isn’t air gets inside of the air intake, well, things could just so happen to go very poorly, indeed.

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With the way that an engine functions, the perfect mix of air and fuel needs to come together in order to combust and create power, so when you throw other materials into the mix, let’s just say that it might not be so pretty. Just imagine an engine trying to ignite a piece of rag that has been sucked into the combustion chamber.

In this situation, that ugly reality just so happens to come to life as a turbocharged machine hits the dyno in order to do what we would assume is a little bit of tuning, when the turbo proves that it’s doing its job, pulling in a good amount of air, as it yanks a shop towel right off of a nearby bench, sucking it into the turbo which immediately prompts the car to shut down. This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime situation unfolding but, after watching it, anybody with a turbocharger is probably going to be looking into some methods that could potentially save them for being tied up in a situation like this next.

Follow along in the video down below that shows off this instance and be sure to tell us what you think of the mixup. Hopefully, in this┬ásituation, the motor wasn’t hurt too badly because just watching that rag get sucked up into the turbo really makes you feel sick to your stomach. Perhaps a small grill on the turbo is in this guy’s future. I would venture to think that once you do that, it’s certainly not something that you’re going to want to be a part of ever again.


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