Opening a Master Lock With a Cat Food Can Lid

Opening a Master Lock With a Cat Food Can Lidclaim double entries now!! Yes, you're ...

Opening a Master Lock With a Cat Food Can Lid

claim double entries now!! Yes, you're reading this right!
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We aren’t going to lie, we know that screwing around with locks doesn’t sound too exciting, but to be honest, the folks of YouTube have been doing some interesting and concerning things.

Certain locks and lock companies have been coming under fire as YouTube locksmiths have been using the most unconventional ways of popping open the security devices.

This time, we watch a test that gets to the task of seeing how likely it is to unlock a padlock using nothing more than a little bit of light pressure and the lid off of a can of cat food!

Check out the garage hack in the video below that shows the test working surprisingly easily. It might be time to beef up the security, ladies and gentlemen.

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