The Original Owner Parked His 67 Yenko For 45 Years! Preserved Time Capsule

Just look at how clean some of those parts are! When it comes to the barn find, you ...

Just look at how clean some of those parts are!

When it comes to the barn find, you never know what you’re going to get or how you’re going to get it. Not every single bard find situation is exactly a vehicle that has been taken for granted, however, when you see some of these cars just left behind to rot, you really have to wonder exactly what happened in someone’s life to cause them to lose interest in the car or forget about a car to the point where an incredibly rare and valuable machine. However, other times, you might just so happen to come across a car that’s in good condition as it’s been sitting, preserved in a decent space for decades. This variability is really what makes some of these machines so exciting to really dig into.

This time, the topic of discussion is not other than a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, a Yenko nonetheless. Essentially, what we’re looking at is a Camaro that’s just begging to be brought back to life and if you know anything about the Camaros that Yenko got a hold of, you know that this thing isn’t only sweet but is also worth some serious coin as well. It’s not something that you’d expect someone to toss to the side and forget about, that’s for sure.

However, as this is a barn find video, it’s not necessarily a car that’s in the best condition that you’ll find out there, either. What we do see, though, are the very solid bones of a machine that have managed to weather the elements in a garage, covered by nothing more than maybe a little bit of dust. After going over this thing, you can practically feel the history teaming out of every pore, kind of giving you a visualization of what this thing was like when it was rolling through the streets all those years ago. Just imagine rolling up to high school in this thing in the 70s or maybe to the track, if you were a bit older.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to check out the amazing car for yourself, going along for a journey through this barn find that really proves to be an entertaining and educational ride that might just teach you a little bit about this American icon of which there aren’t many left! When you see something like this, a vision of where this car was all of those years ago is really fresh in your mind!

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