Outlaw Buggy In Hot Pursuit! Burnout In Front Of A Cop Car!

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On a bright sunny day, the newest rock bouncer buggy from CSC Fabrication heads out to a photoshoot. Unfortunately, the local police department has something else in mind. When doing a bit of romping some blue lights pop up behind the driver, Labronn. Has to be a Chevrolet Corvette platform…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 2.46.00 AM

Labronn, however, isn’t having it! He does something that we all have fantasized about when we get pulled over. He rips a big smoky burnout right in front of the 5-0 and leads him on a chase through town. We don’t recommend that you try this one at home, but we do, however, recommend checking out the video below! Add some nitrous and send it shooting up a hill sounds like a fun time to us… Coming soon!

Takes the local sheriff on a chase through town that ends in a smokey burnout! We named the Rock Bouncing Buggy Outlaw after this Police Chase. The video we named Outlaw Buggy Hot Pursuit all as a teaser for our Latest Movie Rock Rods 4 now available on iTunes. This video was shot with the rock bouncer on the street even though it is not street legal. Who knew a rock bouncer burnout could go this well?

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