Owner of Honda Skates on His Car, Super Worried About His Beer After He Wrecks It

“That was the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever done” Well, to be honest here, ...

“That was the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever done”

Well, to be honest here, if that wasn’t the dumbest thing you have ever done, we would probably be pretty concerned about the life that you’re leading. Sure, live fast and take chances and whatever the rest of that slogan says but when you do something like this, you’re basically asking for something bad to happen.  I’m not sure that I could really fathom a situation where these steps would lead to anything but an injury prone situation where the car ends up in shambles let alone trying to figure out what he expected to happen or any kind of scenario where this goes well.

For some reason, this guy found the need to record the action as his Honda died and he began to push it down a hill and use it as a skateboard. It’s not exactly clear what would spring that sort of a need but I don’t think that I would be caught steering a car with one hand while standing on the frame rail while filming it with the other hand. This is certainly a situation where you would need to have both hands available or be inside of the car instead of “skating” on your ride while it rolls down a hill. There’s a brake pedal for a reason and the way that this guy was standing, there is clearly no way that he would’ve been able to access it.

As the car crashes and he bails out, the first thing that he freaks out about is the fact that his beer went everywhere. Good thing he’s worried more about the beer than the car because it’s going to be a lot cheaper to replace his drink than the automobile that he just wrecked and destroyed. From the looks of things, it’s probably better off that he ended the car’s life this way rather than getting into an actual accident because it looks like the driver seat managed to catapult forward and that wouldn’t have spelled out something very good if he was behind the wheel when the car got into an accident.

Maybe you can make more sense of this than we could so head on down to the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of these antics that don’t seem to add up.

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