Revive Your Ride in Seconds

Discover the Ultimate Quick Detailer Spray!

  • Get Long Lasting Shine & Protection in Seconds
  • Developed over 3 Years & Made in the USA
  • Unique Blend of Hyper-Surfactants, Carnauba Wax, and Slick Lubricating Agents

Why it’s the Best Professional Grade Quick Detailing Spray

The Easiest to Apply on the Market

Simply mist product over panels in sections. Using a clean premium microfiber towel, wipe off the product. Use a new clean microfiber towel to buff. Repeat these steps over the rest of the vehicle to reveal that mirror-like finish.

Real Hyper-Superfectant Technology

Formulated from the ground up, our unique hyper-superfectant formula, along with carnauba wax, and slick lubricating agents, lifts and separates dirt from the paint surface, suspending it to safely and easily wipe away.

Provides Protection & Glow

Our unique formula instantly cleans while laying down an emulsion of carnauba wax that protects, shines, and will keep your ride looking silky smooth in between washes.

Roll up & Shine Up

The Speed Society Quick Detailer is your best solution for that show-stopping high-shine finish, and it smells like delicious Banana too!

What people are saying

"Hands Down the Best Quick Detailer I’ve Ever Used!"

Alex Laughlin

I’ve used a ton of quick detailers over the years on my race cars and daily drivers, and I’ve never used a detailer that cleans so easily and lays down a thin base of wax that protects and makes it so easy to wipe off debris and bugs between washes.

"It Makes the Paint on Goliath Look Wet & it’s so Easy"

Daddy Dave

The last thing I think about when I’m preparing to race and ripping the car apart between runs is how Goliath looks. All I need to do now is give a quick spray down on a microfiber towel and a light spray on the car and give it a wipe down, and it looks like a show car finish.

Excellent! ~ Carlos C.

Got there super fast! Not to mention the product works, looks like I have new rims!

Fantastic! ~ Jose O.

Easy to put on and easy to take off! Very good detailer

Shiny! ~ Darius S.

Smells great and you only need a drop to get a bucket full of suds.

Great! ~ Joshua R.

Outstanding product, left my car very shiney and clean.

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