The Proof

Previous Winners

  • Grudge Match Winner

    Jacob Brown

  • Joseph Booth

  • Dennis Saunders

  • Track Legends Winner

    Nick Varela

  • Forza Ghost Winner

    Ivan Mills

  • Heather Goldfarb

  • Correy Pulley

  • Dekobe Lewis

  • Chris Abbe

  • Thomas Norris

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Really Win?

After each sweepstakes ends, all the entries are sent to the largest 3rd party sweepstakes agency in the U.S. based out of New York. After 5 business days, they draw a winner at random, then provide us the winner for the live Facebook announcement event which is streamed to over 8 million people, we call the winner live on-air for the whole world to watch.

How is the winner notified?

We announce winners live on facebook. If you are selected as the winner we will contact you by phone, text and email. If we do not hear back from you within 72 hours then we move to an alternate winner. So make sure to keep a close eye on your phone and email.

Watch our winners get called live on facebook.

How do I contact Speed Society?

Visit our contact page, or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram.