Parallel Parking Minivan Rams Cars Out Of The Way To Fit In Spot

As car enthusiasts, when we take our pride and joy out in the public streets and ...

As car enthusiasts, when we take our pride and joy out in the public streets and perhaps park in a parking lot that’s open to the public, there are a lot of things that irritate us that wouldn’t necessarily irritate other normal people. For example, many times, we will take the time to park far away from a store just so that we can have a section of the parking lot to ourselves. By inconveniencing ourselves and walking the extra distance, you would think that this would give you the right to have a section of the lot to yourself where you wouldn’t have to worry about door dings from other motorists. However, many times, it doesn’t ring true and we take it a bit personally when someone else decides to park smack dab up against us anyway.

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Why is it that we take the extra effort upon ourselves to park out in the back of the lot? Well, as it turns out, sometimes people just aren’t very careful with the way that they park and they aren’t necessarily to blame. I mean, we’re the weirdos here. To the average person, maybe the small tap of a door against another door wouldn’t be the biggest deal in the world but to us, it could be a life altering circumstance, putting a mark in your pride and joy that you have worked so hard to keep absolutely spotless.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to see a situation where a minivan driver ends up being that person that is a part of every car the enthusiast’s worst nightmare. When this driver comes upon a spot in which their minivan clearly will not fit, they decide to take it upon themselves to push the other cars out of the way using the bumpers. This is something that might just make you cringe a little bit on the inside.

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