Parking Meter Video Sparks Debate… Parking Officer Tickets Green Meter!

If there is one reality of life that’s there but nobody really wants to get ...

If there is one reality of life that’s there but nobody really wants to get used to, that reality would be paying fines and getting tickets for various violations of the law. Now, while the law might initially deem you in violation, one of the beautiful things is that we have the freedom to get up and fight against it if we believe that we have been wronged in a situation like this.

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This time, we check out a video that has brought up quite a controversy as an argument over a parking ticket has made its way all the way to the news. It seems like a pretty black and white situation where you’re either right or wrong with no gray areas in between but this story might make you think twice about how parking tickets are issued.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.21.12 AM

Now, the debate here is over exactly when an official has the right and ability to write a ticket and if, when he sees a car park in a spot with a meter that needs to be fed, if he can write a ticket even after the meter in question has been filled up with coins. Most of the time, you would be inclined to think that if it was that close of a call, the officer would let it go but this time that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There are always two sides to every issue so head down to the video below to see exactly what the law is saying in their defense against a vigilante who is out there trying to fight what he sees as ticketing injustices over a wide range of different categories all away from meters like this to different checkpoints around town.

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