Paul Teutul Sr. Addresses Orange County Chopper Rumors

When it comes to just about anything, reality television or not, rumors can be quick ...

When it comes to just about anything, reality television or not, rumors can be quick to get spreading. Once a source picks up the story and maybe fumbles with some of the details, things can really spin out of control and be pictured in a way that they really aren’t. This is exactly the case for Orange County Choppers, the brand that is soon to come back to television this winter and you might remember from American Chopper, a show that was on the air for a decade. Rumors like this can be bad for business and this time Teutul Senior gives us the lowdown on how exactly rumors have affected his business.

From a mishap by the company that owned the building that the shop was operating out of all the way to different dramatic twists and turns that would dictate how the behind-the-scenes was perceived by the general public, I think that it’s fair to say that this family that was chock-full of their very own drama had things drummed up, even more, by the rumors that had begun to spread. This time, you hear it straight from the man’s mouth himself so you know what to believe and what not to believe because with all the different angles flying around out there, it can be confusing to know what the truth really is.

Follow along in the video down below that gives you some insight on all kinds of info that you might’ve heard about the Teutul family and what to really believe. The one thing that we do know for sure as well is that this winter, you can expect to see American Chopper picked up by the Discovery Channel once again to hit your TV screen to see exactly what this family has been up to since they’ve fallen out of the spotlight.

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