Pawn Stars Takes On A Classic Cadillac Eldorado

Over the years, with the growing popularity of the Pawn Stars television show, ...

Over the years, with the growing popularity of the Pawn Stars television show, we’re sure that they’ve seen quite a few things come through those doors, as they say. Therefore, the guys who operate the shop have a little bit of knowledge about just about everything. From cars to jewelry and maybe even sneakers, they seem to have their fingers in all sorts of different markets. While we’re sure that the number of items flowing through is probably a little bit slower these days and maybe screened as their time is valuable, we still get to see some pretty awesome items that we might have in our very own garages.

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This time, we check out none other than a Cadillac Eldorado. These 80s cars are really at a point in their life cycle where it seems like they’re going from “just old” and transforming into classics. Before we know it, these cars that are selling for just a couple of thousand dollars might even be the next thing bringing big money at an auction like Barrett-Jackson. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let’s just try to appreciate a Cadillac like this for exactly what it is today. This thing has some pretty neat appeal as it’s certainly unlike very many vehicles that we see on the road these days.

By following along with the clip below, we get the lowdown on a little bit of Cadillac history. Now, with something like this, it might seem to be just a very common vehicle. However, in this one, when we dig a little bit deeper, we find out that this Cadillac has quite an interesting story. It comes on the heels of a battle that GM was fighting at the time and the backstory really makes it all that much more interesting.

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