Pennsylvania Bills Propose to do Away With Annual State Emission Testing

If there is one thing that motorists would rather do without, it would probably be ...

If there is one thing that motorists would rather do without, it would probably be state vehicle inspections. They can tend to be an inconvenience. In turn, they can be rather costly as they cost motorists $40 each and every year. In Pennsylvania, the inspection has to be done yearly, but it looks like that might soon change. Some of the bills proposed would allow older cars more time in between inspections.

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With newer cars, the time in between would be even greater. With the way new cars are made, it seems as if some of the older regulations might not be necessary. Essentially, the general belief is that we’ve evolved past where these regulations were set up. It seems as if the government is finally doing something to look at putting the scheduling back on track. It could be a breath of fresh air that almost every motorist in the state will more than likely welcome.

According to Penn Live, “A package of bills advanced out of the state Senate on Tuesday that would remove the auto emissions testing requirement on vehicles 8 years old or newer. The testing on older vehicles registered in counties that require the testing would happen every other year instead of annually under this proposal.”

“The state Senate voted on Tuesday to end the requirement for gas-powered passenger cars, vans, and light-duty trucks less than nine years old to have an annual emissions inspection.”

This means that drivers will have one less thing to worry about when it would normally come time for inspection again. Other bills included would lead to vehicles older than nine-years requiring inspection every two years in certain counties.

Since the bill has passed the Senate, it has now come time to head to the house for consideration. Only time will tell if it’s able to proceed to become official in law.

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