People Out Enjoying A Peaceful Day Interupted By HUGE Chinook Helicoptor Flyby!

If there’s a perfect time for a low-altitude Chinook flyby, it’s while ...

If there’s a perfect time for a low-altitude Chinook flyby, it’s while you’re enjoying a peaceful row across an English lake with your smoking hot redhead girlfriend. And of course, you have to have the camera rolling to capture the flyby, as well as her adorable reactions to the close-up view of one of the coolest aircraft in the skies. The video opens with one of the twin-rotor choppers passing by at a pretty low altitude a short distance from the couple. As they’re observing the first pass, a second Chinook lines up directly behind the boat for an overhead pass and seems to drop to an even lower altitude as it nears their tiny rowboat.

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The video guy’s lovely companion is near giddy with exciting, exclaiming in that incomparable English accent that she “felt like it was machine gunning” her as the massive twin rotors created their trademark rhythmic beats that reverberate through everything nearby. As she begins to row on across the lake, the conversation continues about how cool the experience was, with her mentioning again how she felt like the chopper had opened fire on them when she felt the beating in her chest from the overhead rotors.

The Chinook is a heavy lift chopper that sees duty in both wartime and during times of peace thanks to its versatility and huge capacity. This video coming to us from our neighbors across the Atlantic, who have the next largest fleet of Chinooks to that of our own military, likely means this is the RAF’s version of the Chinook, which is also manufactured by Boeing. Capable of lifting up to fifty-five armed soldiers and their equipment along with the 3-4 man crew. Capable of delivering a small army to the battlefield, a fleet of incoming Chinooks would most assuredly be a disheartening sight for the enemy. Luckily, when they’re out flying over the motherland, there’s no danger to the locals, especially those rowing about in tiny boats on the lake!

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