Perfect Example as to Why You Never Play With Your Toys After You’ve Sold Them.

Sometimes, when it’s time to get rid of a toy, it can be a conflicting time. ...

Sometimes, when it’s time to get rid of a toy, it can be a conflicting time. Sometimes, if you have formed an emotional bond to the vehicle in question, it can be really tough to let go of it, if you’re ready to let go of it, it can be a happy time because it might even be ready to upgrade! This time, we aren’t exactly sure what the case was but you can tell that YouTuber, Jimbo, seems to be quite affectionate for this bike as, when he had finally sold it, he decided to take it out for one last ride. That situation in and of itself really sounds like an incredibly bad idea and it did end up panning out in the worst possible way for the sale.

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In the video below, we follow along as he was simply out riding, when all of a sudden, he caught a bad corner that was mighty aggressive, sliding the bike on its side and tossing both Jimbo and the motorcycle to the ground. Immediately after it all went down, he realizes that he might’ve just so happened to screw up. We all make mistakes every once in a while but this is definitely one that is going to end up costing him. This has to be a real big kick right in the groin to have something pretty much sold after going through all of the struggle that is the sales process, only to just dump it on the ground and do big-time damage.

Follow along in the video down below that shows the scope of the situation as this bike ends up having to be taken home and worked on a little bit before it can be ridden again or sold for any substantial amount of money. Something tells us that in the future, I think that Jimbo is going to avoid riding a vehicle that he has already sold. I guess that he can just chalk this one up to a lesson learned the hard and expensive way.

Bike Wrecked After It Was Sold

Never play with your toys after you've sold them.

Posted by Break on Saturday, September 23, 2017

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