Are Pickups Tough Enough? IIHS Crash Test Results Might Say “No!”

Depending on who you ask, there can be all sorts of different criteria that are ...

Depending on who you ask, there can be all sorts of different criteria that are important in purchasing a vehicle. Perhaps, in the truck market, the most important feature is a utility. After all, that’s basically what truck lines are designed to be good at. After, maybe something like cabin space comes into play. However, while cracking into these metrics, it just so happens that one of the most important features is that of safety. After all, we would like be safe after getting in an accident. It seems to be sometimes something that’s a little overlooked, though. We think that should change.

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When it comes to some of the newer pickup truck safety ratings, according to TFL Truck, they might not be exactly what most people would like. For those of us who have no kind of insight into the world of truck safety, it’s natural to think that something that big with so much weight behind it is going to be safe no matter what. However, as it turns out, being massive is not the only thing necessary when it comes to being safe. Therefore, we have places like the IIHS who are on the ball. They do their best, making sure that consumers can be informed as to what the safest option is when selecting a vehicle.

By following along with the video below, we get the rundown of some of the most popular pickup trucks in the class and what exactly they bring to the table when it comes to safety. As it turns out, some of these brands aren’t as strong as others when it comes to keeping the occupants alive in the event of an accident. Some of them are downright terrible! With comparisons like this, we, as consumers, can make the best informed choice¬†possible.

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