Pictures of New Bronco Sport Leaked Then Quickly Removed (Too Late!)

One of the upcoming vehicles that have been the most speculated about is the Ford ...

One of the upcoming vehicles that have been the most speculated about is the Ford Bronco. Naturally, as the Bronco of old has faded into memory, the pre-existing platform has grown quite nostalgic. The Bronco has managed to find its very own cult following as it has become a piece of history.

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For those who have been following the saga of the nameplate, the Bronco will come to life once again. In 2021, Ford will be releasing both a full-size Bronco and what they’re calling a “Baby Bronco.”

While we don’t have any new updates on the former, it looks like the latter might’ve just leaked. In a collection of photos that are watermarked with¬†, we see a completely uncovered crossover with Bronco branding onboard.

Ford hasn’t and probably will not confirm whether or not this is the real deal. However, we do know that the Bronco was scheduled to be unveiled this spring. With how many different angles we have of this thing, we would be inclined to say that there’s a good shot that it’s the real deal.

From what we understand, the image has been removed after being leaked by the forum. Whether or not that points to any sort of legitimacy is up in the air. However, we couldn’t see very many other reasons why they would’ve pulled it down off of the website other than Ford not wanting us to see it yet. As is the nature of the internet, even an immediate removal would’ve been too late. They’ve been plastered everywhere.

By following along with the video below, we get to hear a little bit about these images and how they got leaked. We also get an inside look at what might be one of the most hyped-up releases of next year. In either regard, we can’t wait to see what the Bronco and Baby Bronco have to offer when they officially hit the market. We would be inclined to think that more details will begin to emerge shortly.

Pic credit РRoadandtrack / motor1

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