Plane Comes Out of Nowhere Crashing into a Tree and Landing in a Parking Spot!

I’m certainly no pilot, nor am I an aviation expert, but I’m pretty sure this pilot ...

I’m certainly no pilot, nor am I an aviation expert, but I’m pretty sure this pilot would have preferred to find a better way to park his plane. However, I can’t deny being impressed with the plane ending up parked so perfectly in this parking lot.

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From what I have been able to gather, the pilot did walk away from this crash, I wouldn’t be so comfortable making jokes about his parking. We don’t have any info about the plane itself, or the pilot’s information, but to be honest, the video kind of speaks for itself. In the span of just twelve seconds, this plane flies into the frame, obviously struggling to remain airborne. As it proceeds over the parking lot, it looks to be on the verge of crashing either into the asphalt or the cars below, when the plane tangles with one of the trees adorning the lot. The impact sends the plane flipping end over end the smack down into the lot below. While it landed on the curb, it looks like a pretty solid parking job, though the pilot may beg to differ.

It looks like hitting the tree may very well have been the best possible outcome here, because the plane seemed destined to plow directly into the ground at a much more severe angle and higher speed without the tree’s intervention.

We’re just glad there was a security camera trained on the lot and somebody had the good sense to go ahead and throw the footage up for us all to enjoy. We also have to wonder if there was a dashcam running in the truck that pulls into the lower right corner of the frame as the drama unfolds, as that might be even better footage than this security camera offered. If so, perhaps the driver will upload that and share it with the rest of us as well!

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